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Berry chia pudding!

I recently added this to my morning meal rotation because I have been seriously missing oatmeal (I went grain free over a month ago). The addition of the cherries was exactly what it needed to make it not boring and the stevia gave it a little bit of sweet (leave it out if you’d like).… Continue reading Berry chia pudding!

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Whole 30- What I have learned this time around and how it can help YOU.

I am 12 days in to my 3rd round of Whole 30 and let me just say, I FINALLY get it, I FINALLY understand how this way of eating works! It has been a long time coming. I started my first round of Whole 30 over 2 years ago and have dabbled in and out… Continue reading Whole 30- What I have learned this time around and how it can help YOU.

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Ab chaser no more.

One year ago…I was an ab chaser like you wouldn’t believe. I kind of obsessed over it but never let on that this was happening. I felt accomplished with abs and kind of like a lazy sloth without them. Now? I don’t have abs and I’m trying hard not to care (I still care, a… Continue reading Ab chaser no more.

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Give yourself 30 seconds: An Update

On February 1st I wrote a blog post in which I made it my goal for the month to be present and give myself 30 seconds each day to just breathe and be in the moment. I am now 3/4 of the way through the month and thought I would give a quick update. The… Continue reading Give yourself 30 seconds: An Update

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Throwback- Whole 30 edition.

#throwback to that very first time we started #whole30 2 years ago. Its crazy how things change! This was my first attempt (after baby #2) to get back to healthy. I had heard of the Whole 30 and decided to give it a try. It was HARD to say the least. I went from eating… Continue reading Throwback- Whole 30 edition.