Embracing a new normal.

I never ever thought I would post anything like this, but, I am because I’m not here to be perfect, I’m here to be real.
These two pictures are taken seconds apart and really the only difference is that I’m bending over slightly in the picture on the right. So, why was it so hard for me to come to terms with that stomach in the second picture? Its just me, its just my skin, and its just at certain angles!
There was a long period of time after I gave birth where I didn’t even want to touch my stomach because it just felt funny to me and the fact that it also looked different was just an added anxiety for me. I didn’t mind looking at myself in the mirror but if I had my shirt off, I would suck in my stomach and I would make sure that if I was pulling a shirt down or underwear up to not let my hands dwell on my torso for too long. I didn’t hate the way I looked but I just felt it wasn’t really me, like, I was waiting for me to come back. I wanted to be “back to normal” as soon as humanly possible but what I didn’t realize is that I would never return to my pre-baby normal.
It took me a very long time to come to terms with the picture on the right. Even after seeing so many women embracing their own post baby bellies and me applauding them, I still couldn’t come out and embrace my own. I thought, if I just got a little “fitter”, the “weirdness” of my belly would be repaired and I would be back to normal.
Well, that “normal” never came. So, I’m here to do it, I’m ready to say “this is me”. This is my new normal, this is what MY post baby belly looks like. It has new lines in it that were not there pre baby, it has that weird “pointy” sag when I do planks, and it hangs over my pants when I’m sitting normally on the couch or a chair.
Yep, all those things are me and I’m smiling now because writing them out makes me realize that it really isn’t such a big deal.
What lesson have I learned from all of this? I should have embraced what was mine sooner. I should have looked at myself in the mirror and just said “this is me” and been ok with it from day one. But, in the end, it did take time. I was skeptical, I was looking for things to go back to “normal” when I should have seen that a new normal presented itself and is better than ever. This new normal is one where I get to be the mom to two beautiful little girls and that is truly the most awesome gift of all.
My advice to new moms? Embrace change while still working on being the best version of the new you. Don’t wish for your pre baby normal because even if you are your fittest and healthiest self AFTER the birth of your baby, your body will always be one that had a child and that is something to be incredibly proud of.


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  1. Yes! Absolutely. Creating & carrying a new life is something to be so proud of. & also, you look amazing… good job, mama!


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