A letter to moms- you are enough.


Disclaimer- This article is not exactly a fitness related but, I’m human and not everything that sparks something in me to write is fitness related.

Dear mama-

Today, you are enough.

Your actions, your thoughts, your feelings. Everything that makes you who you are today, is enough.

Why am I writing this letter to you today?

There are so many messages coming from every direction telling you that you aren’t!

It is hard not to play the comparison game when all we see all day long is how other moms are doing it “better” (hello, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube!). Its as if we are never really just allowed to focus on what we are doing in the moment because a million other images pop into our heads of other moms in similar scenarios. “How did she handle it?” “What was her kid snacking on?” “Where is that outfit from (hers and her kid’s)?” “How does her house look so clean?”

Its maddening.  Why do we feel the need to compare? No one is forcing us to. We are given these images and stories and our minds just go there. And the comparing never conjures positive thoughts like “I’m just as well put together as she is!” or “I love that both of us have such a clean home despite having kids!” It just doesn’t work that way. No matter how awesome we actually are (and we all are, we really are), we see flaws because we feel the need to lift others up (whether they deserve it or not) and bash ourselves (because for whatever reason, we think we need to be better than we already are).

I’m here today not to start some “stop the comparison” revolution. I’m here today to tell you that who you are right now is freaking awesome. O.k. I get that this is totally cliche and probably worthy of some eye rolling but I really think we all need to hear it. What you are capable of doing today; the thoughts you have, the actions you take, the food you decide to eat, the activities you decide to partake in, the things you talk to your kids about, all of it is awesome.

Imagine a world without Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for just a minute. Now imagine your typical day as a mom. If you didn’t have a live feed of other moms’ lives going through your brain 24/7 would your outlook on your typical day change?  I’m going to take a gamble and say that it would change dramatically.

I don’t think we need to go on a social media fast, I’m not saying this at all, I freaking love social media and have no desires to stop using it. What I am saying, is be more aware, be more patient, be more “in the moment”.

Be aware of what you are doing RIGHT. Maybe its that your kid gave you a hug without prompting today, or that she studied birds and bugs with you on the front porch, or that he ate all his vegetables at dinner. Because you are an awesome mom already, I know you can find something that is going right in your mom life. Not everything is a complete disaster. Look for the sparkle, even on the worst days your good parenting is going to shine through.

Be patient, maybe you aren’t where that “other mom” is in her your life. Whether you think she has the perfect family, the perfect job, or the perfect wardrobe, the fact that you aren’t at that same place does not make you less, it just puts you on a different time line. If you strive for better, then set goals and work for it. Don’t worry about the path that everyone else is on, be patient and realize that your path is your path for a reason.

Enjoy the moment, enjoy right now. I think one of the things we are robbed of most frequently when it comes to social media is being “in the moment”. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of getting wrapped up in scrolling Instagram while hanging out with my kids or trying to get the perfect picture when I should just be enjoying life. I can’t imagine that I am alone in this. We simply get too wrapped up in other people’s moments to enjoy our own. This leads us to think that our own precious and fleeting moments are not good enough, when in fact, they are exactly what we need. By us choosing to be exactly where we are right now with no distractions is the greatest gift we can not only give ourselves but our whole family.

Remember mama, you are enough, right now and always. As long as social media exists we will continue to compare, I think its just human nature. Be aware of this, be patient with your process, and enjoy more moments. . .YOUR moments because you are enough, you are exactly where you need to be.


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