You NEVER have to have it all figured out.

I think one of the biggest myths about parenthood is that we have our stuff all figured out. I remember before becoming a parent and thinking how organized and collected parents must be because, well, they were parents, they were in charge of another life!

I soon came to realize that parents are just good at improvising and that even if we all did have everything figured out, it wouldn’t matter because our kids would just throw us some kind of curve ball and we’d have to improvise anyway.

I think its similar in fitness. We DON’T have to have it all figured out . . .ever. I think a lot of us want to think that we get on a workout/regimen diet that we don’t mind so much and that’s it, we’re set until we don’t want to do it anymore. Like, if we have doubts about it or don’t follow through, that shows weakness or lack of dedication.

When I started weight training, I was very strategic, planning out all my workouts for the week with sets/reps/progressions, and making sure every muscle was hit for the optimal number of days a week. I LOVED this for awhile (and I still LOVE lifting weights) but after awhile, my heart was not in it. I pushed on through, though because I felt I needed to finish what I started. I planned out these workouts for weeks in advance and I felt I needed to get to a certain level before taking a break/rest.

The change started when I began intermittent fasting. I had to switch my work out times and I added in morning walks to give me something active to do in the mornings.  What ended up happening was I fell in love. I fell in love with the fresh air, the alone time, the act of putting one foot in front of the other.

I pushed through with weight training for a little while longer and soon the walks turned into runs. Running for a mile eventually turned into “let me see if I can run two miles” which lead to “let me see if I can run a 5k”.

I did finally run my first 5k this morning and it felt great. I’m far from finished with running. . .for now. I mean, I like it but who knows what I will like a doing a month or two months from now.

I’m all about sticking to goals and finishing what you start but, if your heart isn’t in it don’t just suck it up because you are proud.  Remember there many ways to reach a goal, open up to new methods and new ways of doing things.

Fitness is like parenting in that way: be flexible, bend the rules, switch things up, and do what feels right for you.

Bottom line: fitness should ALWAYS be pleasurable and what you find pleasurable today might be totally different than what you find pleasurable a week from now. Don’t etch your plan in stone just to realize a month later that you aren’t that into it. Not having it figured out is NOT a weakness, it just makes you human.





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