Top 4 Must Haves for a Healthy Freezer Full of Food!

Life is crazy and it doesn’t slow down so that dinner can be prepared in a calm and collected fashion.  In fact, I feel that life decides to get crazier when I finally decide to commit myself to planning and preparing meals.

While I pride myself in planning my meals weekly, as I make my grocery list, sometimes those plans fly out the window when it comes time to actually prepare the meal. You know where I coming from, I’m sure. The reasons for NOT sticking to a plan are endless: sick kid, unexpected meeting, really bad traffic on the way home from work, do I have to go on? My point is, that you can plan all you want but in the end life is going to happen and sometimes life says “NO” to your beautifully planned meals.

Instead of going the fast food route, like I know many of us do when the sh*t hits the fan, I have a secret weapon for days like these, my freezer!

Ok, so calling it my “secret weapon” makes it sound a little more epic than it really is, I mean everyone has one so it isn’t exactly a secret. But I don’t know if everyone knows exactly how to stock one for healthy and fast meals.

There are many ways to stock a healthy freezer, but, I’m listing my top 4 must haves for my freezer with a short list of what I make with them so that you can get ideas and inspiration for your own freezer, enjoy!

  1. Pre-cooked turkey or chicken patties. These things are so versatile which is probably the reason why I keep them in my freezer at all times. My kids love them cut up with some BBQ sauce or ketchup and my husband and I eat them with a side salad or cut up and put into a salad.  You can even cut them up really small (after cooked of course) and put them into a spaghetti sauce or create strips, season them, and use them for tacos or fajitas.
  2. Speaking of fajitas, number two on my list is frozen bell pepper strips. I love these things because they go on EVERYTHING. I saute them up and put them in sauces, I use them to top chicken or burgers, I add them to skillet meals, and I even add them to eggs.
  3. Frozen broccoli. I had to add this to the list because there are just so many days when I don’t get enough green vegetables in. Broccoli can obviously be had as just a side dish (I add a little clarified butter and salt to a bowl and then toss the cooked broccoli with it before serving) but it can also be added to sauces, you can chop it up and add it to rice or eggs too.
  4. Frozen berries and other frozen fruit. I don’t use these for dinners but I had to include them because they are life savers for breakfasts. I make smoothie packs with either berries, mango, or pineapple (I add fresh spinach to these packs too and freeze and store them for the week), and I also add frozen berries to oatmeal.

There you have it, my top 4 freezer must haves. There is not a week that goes by that I am not thankful that my freezer is stocked with these items because, as you can see, I use these ingredients A LOT. Best part? It keeps my family away from the fast food and other greasy restaurant foods

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This stock of freezer items is my healthy “Plan B”.

Tell me, what is in YOUR freezer? What are your go to items that you always have?



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