How to Simplify Healthy Eating–My Top 10 List of Foods

One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy is the over thinking of eating healthy.Eating nutritious and balanced meals does not mean:


  1. That you have to come up with elaborate, Instagram-worthy meals 3 times a day.
  2. That you have to spend hours in the kitchen.
  3. That you have to eat something totally different every day of the week


  1. Eating healthy CAN be simple.
  2. Healthy meals CAN be quick and easy to prepare.
  3. You can eat the same foods all week and it does NOT have to be boring.

To show you how simple it can really be, I’m listing the top 10 foods that I buy consistently EVERY week and how I incorporate these foods into my meals.

  1. Peanut Butter/Almond Butter- Oh PB (or AB), how I love thee! First off, I buy ONLY the natural kinds (no added oils or sugars–just peanuts and salt/almonds and salt). I use PB/AB on EVERYTHING; sandwiches for the girls, swirled into oatmeal, on apples, on bananas, on whole grain waffles, on a spoon and straight into my mouth! It really helps curb my sweet tooth even though it has no added sugar but a serving also helps keep me satiated and doesn’t give me an insulin spike like a Reese’s Cup would.
  2. Apples & berries- I lumped these two together because they are my go to fruits. We go through about 10-15 apples a week at our house because we eat them plain or with PB (see #1), I also like them in smoothies (I make a delicious apple/pumpkin smoothie with them), chopped up in oatmeal, or chopped up in salads. Berries, I usually by frozen and I use them in smoothies and in oatmeal. When I do get fresh berries, they go on waffles or I just eat them plain.
  3. Spinach & other leafy greens- I always feel like I’m winning in life when I am eating leafy greens. None of us are eating enough but its easier than you think to get in a couple daily servings. I add a serving to my smoothie everyday, I chop them up and scramble them into eggs, I mix them in with my tuna, eat them in green salads, and also put them into sauces and soups.
  4. Eggs- One of my favorite things of all time is salsa and eggs. It is probably one of those food combinations that I go to again and again because it is not only delicious but I can really eat it any time of day. The other thing about eggs? Versatility? Sometimes I want more than just salsa so I add avocado, mushrooms, peppers, or greens. I eat them alone, with toast, or a piece of fruit. When I’m going to be on the go, I will even hard boil them and pack a little salt and pepper to sprinkle on top.
  5. Tuna- I already mentioned above that I mix my greens with tuna, but really, I do so much more with this combo. I make a little dressing for my tuna which consists of mustard, salt, pepper, and apple cider vinegar and is also perfect for the salad I eat it with. To my tuna and greens mix I usually add cucumber, peppers, avocado, and baby carrots. I sometimes even add capers, onion, or garlic powder for some different flavors.
  6. Bell peppers- I have already mentioned bell peppers already. Are you seeing a trend here? I eat these in salads, I put them in eggs, tuna, sauces, I also like them raw with a little hummus and they are also good on sandwiches.
  7. Carrots- Another extremely versatile food! I eat most of my carrots raw, if I do dip them in something it could be salsa, hummus, peanut butter (yes, its good, try it), or even my tuna salad. I steam them and use them as a side to ANY dinner and I chop them up and put them in soups and sauces too.
  8. Chicken- My go to protein. I eat most of my chicken in chicken breast form. Where do I start with the way I eat chicken? I grill it on my indoor grill, I make skillet meals with it, I slice it up and put it into salads, I make fajitas, and I put it into soups. Basically there are a million ways to prepare and eat chicken.
  9. Potatoes/sweet potatoes- I make skillet potatoes or sweet potatoes at least once or twice a week. I use them as a side dish and then I use the left overs and mix them with veggies and put them over eggs, probably one of the most filling and satisfying meals EVER.
  10. Avocado- I saved the best for last. Avocado is the best food on the planet and I’m not even exaggerating. I put avocado on top of salads, chicken, tuna, and eggs. I add them to smoothies, I even eat slices of it plain. Avocado is my life blood, bottom line.

There you have it, the top 10 foods that I buy consistently every single week. As you can see, the meals I make with these 10 foods are simple and quick, but because they are so versatile, I never get bored with them.

By creating a strong list of 10 healthy and versatile ingredients, you will not have to over think healthy eating ever again.

How do you come up with your own list?

It really depends on your taste/meal preferences. Look at what you are eating already and see what patterns there are in your day to day meals. Save grocery receipts and look for the patterns over a month or two. Then create some meals around these ingredients that you can make quickly that you won’t mind eating weekly.

I would love to hear what is on YOUR list of 10, leave a comment below!



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