French fries and learning to just let things happen.

We ended up going to the park despite this little nugget being under the weather. Sometimes fresh air and sunshine are just as good as (if not better than) conventional medicine.
Now a little real talk. I’m definitely not trying to hide the fact that my little girl is eating a french fry in this picture. In fact, that’s all we ate for lunch. . .oops. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and today was a french fry and park kind of a day. 
In the past I might have freaked out a little by the fact that my kids were eating ONLY french fries for lunch but the thing is, I feed them healthy foods 90% of the time, we have made leaps and bounds with eating more fruits and veggies, and we rarely have sweets in the house. So, I decided not to freak out. . .I mean why? Tonight we will have a healthy dinner and everyone is going to be ok.  
Motherhood is 10% knowledge and 90% “winging it”, am I right? I am JUST now starting to let go and let things happen. Its hard because the control freak in me is screaming but I know that I will be a happier and calmer person in the long run because of it. 


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