Healthy Kids-Tips for getting your kids to eat healthy.

By far, one of my biggest struggles as a parent has been trying to get these two on a healthy path with food.
There are days when I feel I have failed them completely because neither of them will eat an ounce of what I serve and only want to eat crackers all day. There are other days where I want to give myself a pat on the back and say “you are doing great, cuz, look,” and I see them sitting at the kitchen table eating orange slices together (not because I even suggested it either, THEY suggested it).
Here are a few of my tips for getting your kids to eat healthy.
1) Be patient. They are not going to change their eating patterns overnight. Keep offering healthy foods and having them available at snack time as well as meal times, eventually something will click with them. Even after that initial “click” don’t be discouraged by them taking a step back either. Good things take time.
2) Lead by example. There is no way a kid is going to want to eat carrot sticks and apple slices if you are eating candy and ice cream. 
3) Have older kids create a list of foods that they love. From this list work on healthy alternatives to some of their favorites. Your kids might even surprise you with a few things you didn’t even know would be on the list.
What are some other tips you have to get your kids to eat healthy? I would love to hear them.


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