Wednesday Wisdom- Nov. 9

A lot of people create this perfect picture, in their minds, of what health and fitness looks like to them.

These pictures are created with help from images from magazines, t.v. shows, and social media.

While these perfect pictures can be motivating and inspiring, they can also can trigger anxiety and be intimidating.

Why? Because a lot of these images are of people who have been working long and hard in their fitness journeys and we see them only through one picture in one moment in time. We idealize their “perfect” bodies and are intimidated to take action because we aren’t “there” yet.

Where exactly is “there”? Well, its different for everyone but in all honestly, “there” is a fictional place that you will never get if you keep sitting still and just hoping.

Here’s the reality, you will NEVER be totally ready to start working towards a healthier life. You will always find a reason to “wait until next week” or “until after the holidays are over” and the more reasons you find, the more comfort you will find in just remaining where you are.

My advice? Take action BEFORE you are ready, before you feel that urge to start. Why? Because even the smallest change in the right direction will inspire you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.



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