4 Food Rules I Use With My Kids

My personal rules about food with my kids.
1. Always offer healthy options at every meal. What is a healthy option? Whole foods that are not from a box; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and meat.
2. Making sure that I am an example and not just an enforcer by eating the same foods that I want them to eat. Remembering that kids learn by example more than just by what they are told to do.
3. Enjoying treats WITH my kids. Yes, eating a treat with my kids or letting them give me a bite of their treat is a HUGE bonding experience. They want to share experiences with us, they don’t just want us to be onlookers.
4. NEVER using negative words or obsessive practices to describe food. Words like “fat”, and “too many calories” are off limits. And practices like counting calories, or low carb are not going to enter their vocabulary as they are too young to be worrying about these things and I believe that they can lead to obsessive thoughts about food later on.
Those are my personal rules. Mamas, do you have your own set of rules about food? I would love to hear what they are or if you agree or disagree with any of mine.  


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