Wednesday Wisdom- Don’t let great be the enemy of good.

I was thinking about this quote the other day while in the shower. While I usually write my bits of wisdom inspired by fitness, this one was inspired by motherhood but could really could be applied to fitness or any area of life really.

So, why did this quote to me in the shower? Well, to be honest with you, most of ideas for blog posts come to me in the shower because it is the only place that I can get a few minutes of silence. Unless of course, my older daughter is pounding on the door wondering if she can brush her teeth “NOW!”, or, my younger daughter is rattling the door knob and screaming at the top of her lungs. . .for no reason at all. As you can see, my showers are not always amazing but, they are good. And this is where the inspiration for this blog post came.

A perfect shower is almost unattainable as a mother of young children. There are constant interruptions and there is the fear that the kids must be tearing up the house because you aren’t watching them (even if Dad is) for 10 minutes. Then, you get out of the shower and the kids think you are just ready to pop out the door and cater to their every whim, “give mom a frickin’ minute will ya’?”

Anyway, despite not being able to take the perfect shower, we all still take them. We don’t just sit in the corner at cry when it comes to shower time thinking of how the shower we are about to take is not going to be perfect. Instead, we just do it because it is something that needs to be done, despite the circumstances.

Now, apply this to fitness. Each workout we complete is not going to be perfect. Things are going to get in our way; a prior commitment might cut the workout short, a bad night’s sleep, a sick child needing our attention. There are a million and one things that can keep you from having the perfect workout but none of these things should stop you from having a good workout.

Don’t let great be the enemy of good. Don’t let an unrealistic level of perfection stop you short from achieving something good, that will, at the end of the day, get you closer to your goal.

Yes, a perfect workout would be amazing, you know, the one where there are no interruptions, you crush your miles/sets and hit PRs all over the place, but who are we kidding? This fantasy might happen once or twice in a 6 month period.

Settle into good. Good is where greatness actually happens.


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