Monday Magic-Goals are not always about moving forward.

Going after a goal is equal parts relentless pursuit and grace- you have to be able to see that taking a step back is sometimes the best way to move forward.

I saw this quote and felt like it spoke to me. Since becoming a runner 6 months ago, I have been pushing myself to go faster and run more miles because I thought this was the only way to get closer to my “goal”.

I reached my first goal of running a 10k without stopping and then I felt, “well, the only logical step is for me to try and get faster.” But I started feeling pains in my lower legs and my runs became less enjoyable. Losing the enjoyment was defeating the purpose of my running. I started running because I liked it, I liked the head space it put me in and the challenge it gave me. So why would I continue running if my head was in a stressed place and the challenge was more about managing pain than about going distance?

I finally saw that taking a step back was going to put me in a better place in the long run (pun intended).

Yes, I want to get faster but, I also want to stay pain free. I’m now realizing that a few shorter runs focusing on form are going to help me achieve better results.

If your goal is becoming a chore or it is putting stress on your body; take a step back, slow down, and reassess. What do you need to do right now? Maybe slowing down is exactly what you need to move forward.



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