Your why.

Is your WHY bigger than you?
Does the reason you are getting healthier, fitter, and happier go beyond what you say it is on the surface to something deeper and more meaningful?
I heard something today on a podcast and it really hit me hard. The guy being interviewed, Josh Trent, asked, “Does your why make you cry?”
Now maybe you aren’t the crying type and I get that not all of us are. But our why should really evoke some strong emotions deep within us.
Why? Because when we come to a point in our journey when the going gets tough (and trust me, its going to happen) we have to be able to put ourselves into check and remember why we started. But not just this, this memory needs to be deep rooted and strong so that it can’t be forgotten and also because it needs to move us forward when nothing else can.
So, what is your why and is it bigger than who you are? If it doesn’t evoke a strong emotion, that’s o.k, you might need to dig a little deeper to find that purpose behind your goal.
For me, it has always been my girls. Just seeing them happy evokes that feeling where I know I have to continue to keep going. A healthier me means a healthier relationship between me and them and a happier relationship means a happier life.  



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