Two years ago…

Two years ago life changed dramatically. I went from having one baby to two. I went from feeling “I got this whole mothering thing down” to “I have no idea what I got myself into”.
This picture on the left was me on the day that I first felt “normal” after having baby number two. What I didn’t know is that the normal I felt two years ago was just surviving, barely. I was eating a ton of junk food and sitting on my butt most of the day. I was lethargic, easily out of breath, and moody as hell (nope, not afraid to admit it).
Over the past two years, my normal has changed. I have become happier, goal driven, and just an all around better person.
How? Exercise, better nutrition, and more water. That’s where I started. The better sleep, the better mood, and the need to keep learning and becoming a better version of myself all came as wonderful and beautiful side effects.
Are you just starting out? Are you overwhelmed? Chose one thing to start with and work on it every single day until it becomes second nature. Then? chose another thing and work on that.
You will have ups, you will have downs. Just keep going. Enlist support, read books, and learn to love the journey.
Its not easy, its not flashy, it sure as hell isn’t glamorous, but it works. The only way to create a lifestyle is to go about it slowly.

Also, if you need support and if you are looking for a community of fit women ,  join us on Facebook! We share struggles, victories, helpful articles, and recipes.  Being a part of a community has been monumental in helping me stay consistent long term.


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