Lady Gaga

Something is weighing on me and I have to get it off my chest. I rarely discuss current events here because they rarely ever apply to fitness. But the story of Lady Gaga being shamed about her body after her kick ass performance at the Super Bowl is absolutely appalling to me.
First of all, it is cowardly to make these types of comments about someone’s body so causally while hiding behind social media. Gaga got out there and rocked a half time show, she sang, she danced, she gave a great performance. And the people who commented on her belly on Twitter? Oh, they probably didn’t even get off the couch once during the whole thing.
Second, can talk about how amazing she looked? I honestly wasn’t paying attention to her stomach at all. I was in awe of how she moved and those legs. . .those powerful legs.
Third, it really is none of anyone’s business how much she weighs, how much so called “flab” she has on her belly, or anything related. She is not a fitness model, she is not a celebrity trainer, she is a performer and that’s what she should be judged on.
Lastly, the comments made about her are not special. Everyday women pick each other apart and pick other women apart. Why? I honestly believe it is because of insecurity about oneself and a thought that if I *just* bring this person down one notch I will feel that much better about myself.
This needs to stop. Strong women lift other women up. They celebrate others’ accomplishments and strengths. They lift women up and in turn they themselves are lifted higher as well. 


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