Ab chaser no more.

One year ago…I was an ab chaser like you wouldn’t believe. I kind of obsessed over it but never let on that this was happening. I felt accomplished with abs and kind of like a lazy sloth without them. Now? I don’t have abs and I’m trying hard not to care (I still care, a little). I’m working on other ways to be happy and I can say that running was the catalyst for this change. I am now eating food that makes me happy, moving in ways that make me happy, and just BEING happy in other ways whether through furthering my education, being in nature, or meditation. ✨ Remember, we are constantly growing as people. Who we were a year ago should NOT be who you are today. What should guide your change? Your own education, your heart, and, of course, happiness. Always follow happy.✨


Whether you have been on your fit journey for years or you just started yesterday, community is so important! Join us on Facebook!


One comment

  1. Striving to be better is one thing, obsessing over it is another.

    Whenever I see someone that’s “ripped,” I tell myself that that is how I look underneath the extra flab I’m carrying around. LOL


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