An Open Letter to the Mom at the Park Who Wouldn’t Get Off Her Phone.

Dear mama-

I want to preface this letter with saying, I am not here to judge your mothering or any other area of your life.

I have been where you are, I would take my kid (or kids) to the park and I would try sneaking every free second to stare at my screen. I thought that this park time was my free time to scan social media and email while my kids had fun and soaked in the sun.

I always paid attention when it was necessary but there was always a fair amount of time spent on my phone.

I really never felt my kids cared much whether I was staring at my screen or not but then something changed.

I started feeling overwhelmed and stressed out AFTER a visit to the park! I would rush the kids to the car at the end of the time at the park and quickly buckle them in and then instead of sitting down in the drivers seat feeling relaxed, I would instead feel frazzled?

Do you ever feel the same, mama?

Can I ask you a another question?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to feel like your time at the park was more of an oasis than a chore?


Like I said, I’m not here to judge your parenting or any other part of your life but I KNOW that some of you MUST be feeling the same way I did, that the park was just a continuation of what was already happening at home. Social media, email, repeat.

Instead, take some time to relax, like really relax. And I KNOW from experience that you can’t really relax while you are staring at a screen (don’t try to tell me otherwise).

When you put the phone down at the park, you might notice something new: how blue the sky is, your child (children) laughing and smiling, the smell of fresh air, birds chirping, and pretty green grass.  All of these things are going to help relax you whether you like it or not #ipromise.

Then, when you leave? The frazzle, the stress, and the hurried feel won’t be there. They just won’t because you have given yourself time to recharge.

Then the next time the kids want to head to the park? It will be just a little easier to say “yes” because you know that you too will get to break from your normal routine and get out into nature.

I hope you take my advice, mama. I promise you that this is going to change your park day experience.


A mama who has been there.



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