What is the BEST for you?

As consumers, we are bombarded with the “best” way to exercise 24 hours a day.

The thing is that this “best” seems to change pretty frequently and even contradicts itself too.

One day we are told to do no cardio and lift weights and the next day we are told that high intensity cardio is where the magic happens.

Its confusing, to say the least.

So what is the right exercise for you?

First off, don’t be afraid to program hop. I know that the “experts” don’t recommend this and I’m not exactly a proponent either. But, if you find yourself hating a program you chose don’t feel like you have to stay married to it! Depending on the type of exercise or programming, give yourself 2 weeks or at least 4-5 workouts. If you still don’t like it after that? Ditch it.

Second, does the exercise or programming fit into your life without too much shake up? Of course, you are going to have to give up certain things to fit exercise into your life but you shouldn’t have to compromise EVERYTHING. If your workouts are cutting into healthy sleep time, family time, and causing you to lose your sanity, then the workouts, exercise, and programming might not be for you.

Third, and maybe most important is, do you see yourself progressing in this type of exercise? In other words, do you see yourself doing this type of exercise long term. When you decide to exercise, you are deciding on a lifestyle change, not just a 12 week change. Chose something that you feel you can progress in. If you are in a type of programming that is beating up your body daily, it might not be something you can stick with long term. Your body might be able to take the beating now but 30 years down the line? Not so much.

There you go, the best exercise for you is something you actually like, can fit into your life comfortably, and is something you can stick with long term.

If you have any questions about workouts or programming, you can always ask!


If you are just starting out in your fitness journey or if you have been getting fit for year, we would love to have you join the conversation over in our Facebook group. Just request to join and I’ll let you in.  See you there!


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