Personal Journey update.

I have now been at the blogging thing for over a year and I realize that I don’t post enough personal stuff. Maybe because I think it is boring to other people but maybe I’m just scared of being judged.

Well, I’m letting go of whatever my insecurities are around it and I am going to share more about me because I , well, I want to and it is MY blog.

I have posted in the past about having issues with emotional eating. And how I tried to fix them with intermittent fasting.  While intermittent fasting helped me begin to become more present and aware of what I was eating, it was a temporary fix because, in the end, I was still not feeling fully satisfied by the foods I was eating.

I was eating lots of lean proteins (fine) but I was also eating lots of carbs (fine if they work for you) and not enough fat (not fine if you are me, apparently). What I found out kind of recently, is that my body craves more fat and actually feels very happy and satisfied with a higher fat/lower carb style of eating.

What does that mean for me? It means consuming about 85-100g of carbs daily and NONE of them from grains or added sugar. I am proud to say that my sugar intake for the day on average is around 20-30g. Also, it means upping my fat intake to an average 160-180g daily. My protein intake has not changed at all.

These lower carb/higher fat meals make me feel really satisfied. I have ZERO craving for anything sweet, though, if sweets are in front of me, that is definitely still a struggle.  I have 85% dark chocolate in the house currently and only need a few squares a day (about half of an actual serving) to keep help with my sweet tooth which still shows up right after dinner.

What about weight gain? I have been eating this way for a week and have not gained or lost weight. I think many people still believe that eating fat will make you fat. This is simply not true. If you want to lose weight with low carb/high fat diets, you can do that. If you want to maintain your weight or gain weight, you can do that too.

What about fiber? One of the biggest worries I had about low carb/high fat was consuming enough fiber. The average adult needs about 25g of fiber a day and I am getting this and more every day.

So, what do you eat? Low carb/high fat diets can be done so many different ways and you really have to do what makes your body feel happy. I am eating a ton of leafy greens, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, chicken, grass fed beef, ghee, eggs, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, and coconut milk. As you can see, the staples of my diet are very much like what you might eat on paleo but with more emphasis on the fats.

How long am I going to continue on this way of eating? I am only in the early stages and I have heard that you really need a few months of eating low carb/high fat to really feel the full effects.

What are some of those effects? Lowering of inflammation, better mental clarity, more stable energy levels, and more stable mood.

For now, I think that is all I have to report, I am new to this and am by no means an expert. But, it feels right for my body and I’m going to keep going.

Oh, my biggest resource for support is Healthful Pursuit, Leanne is AMAZING and has great resources on her site as well as an amazing podcast too which you can find out more about on her website.

I hope to report more soon!  And of course if you have any questions for me, you can always ask!

P.S. We have an amazing online fitness community where we share articles, exercises to try, food ideas, and good conversation. Join us! I’m always there answering questions as well.


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