This place where you are is temporary–Mother’s Day edition.

My very first Mother’s Day and now. Things have changed so much. I’m healthier and able to handle life a whole lot better because of it, but I’ve also evolved so much as a mom too. That first Mother’s Day we went out for sushi and I was anxious the whole time about whether or not my 6 month old would cry at the table and if people would look at us because of it. Now? I’m so much more relaxed about such things. I’m a mom, this is my crazy little family, and I’m totally ok with it. My point is, even if you think you are stuck somewhere right now, try and remember that it is probably only temporary and that years from now you can look back at it and laugh or cry but realize that you are not there anymore. Happy Mother’s Day (a couple days early but really we do deserve a whole week!) to all the strong, beautiful, capable women who raise children alone or with help. You are all amazing.


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