What I have learned about comfort zones.

I was comfortably uncomfortable for a long time.

I had daily stomach aches from the food I was eating but didn’t do anything about it because I was comfortable with the crap I was putting into my body.

I was weak, like I had no muscle in my arms or legs and I was ok with this because I was skinny which I thought what people strived for. If I already had what was “ideal”, why work any harder?

I had NO lung capacity, yes a flight of stairs winded me. But whatever because why would I ever need to run up stairs?

So I sat with my stomach problems, my weak body, and being winded at the site of stairs, and I was uncomfortable, but I thought that this was it. That this was normal.

What I refused to believe was that I could change things and that the reason I wasn’t changing things was that I just needed to start to challenge myself. The reason I wasn’t ready to challenge myself? I was probably too scared.

See, comfort zones are these beautiful little bubbles built in our minds that keep us safe from change.  Sometimes this safety serves us well and sometimes it doesn’t.

My comfort zone was not serving me at all and it wasn’t until I decided to ask myself some challenging questions that I began to realize that life could be so much better.

Maybe its time for you to ask the challenging questions.

Are you comfortable with the place you are right now? Does it feel safe? Do you think who you are right now is the best version of yourself or do you think you could be better? Do feel scared to make a change?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself because the tricky thing about comfort zones is that they make you believe that where you are is where you are meant to be. I learned that comfort zones are comfortable for a reason, we can sit in them for years and really see no problems with our situation, that’s what happened to me as I let most of my 20s become a decade of not taking care of my body and just skating by on the fact that I was skinny.

I remember asking myself questions, like those mentioned above, for the first time. The actual act of asking took some courage but challenging myself to do differently was so scary.

I remember asking myself if I could actually give up dairy if I had to. There was a chance that I had an intolerance and I thought there was no way that I could actually do it.

Those stomach aches I talked about at the beginning of this blog post were from dairy, I had no idea that this was even the problem until I started asking questions. Then, when I actually stopped consuming dairy, I could not believe how good I felt.

I realized then, that I was in a comfort zone that was not serving me well. I LOVED cheese and ice cream but they were making me feel like crap but, I was comfortable being uncomfortable.

It was scary giving up a food that I really loved knowing that I would never really be able to eat it again but busting out of that comfort zone meant losing those stomach aches forever.

Comfort zones keep you safe from change but they aren’t always the best for you. It really takes some tough questions about your current situation to see if it is worth it to challenge your current spot in life. And sometimes it is even tough to see beyond the comfort zone because you don’t know any different.

But once you experience that break through, that “ah-ha” moment, the moment where you know you can never go back to what you were doing before, it is so worth the challenge. And that is the most important thing I learned about comfort zones; they are not permanent and can be challenged whenever you are ready to put your mind to it.


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