My Top 10 Foods for a Low Carb/High Fat Diet

Last week I finally updated you all with what I’m doing with my diet. That post, took some courage to write.


Because I still feel like most people see the high fat/low carb way of eating as a little on the extreme side and a lot on the unhealthy side. I’m trying to pay no mind tomthe critics amd just do my thing.

There have been a few bumps in the road but this eating style truly feels right to me. Granted I have just started out too, so I’m sure there will be more bumps and challenges as I keep going. I think the greatest thing about this way of eating for me so far, is I really get to eat all the foods I LOVE in abundance.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cookies, cupcakes, and french fries but I really don’t even crave them while I’m eating all the other foods that I love.

Before I give you my list, I will say that, I am NOT promoting a HFLC diet for ANYONE but myself because I am well aware that all people are different and that this is not going to be something for everyone. I am sharing because this is my blog and I am just sharing my journey.

Here is my list of the top 10 foods I eat/love/buy on the high fat/low carb diet.

  1. Avocados. These are potassium and fiber packed fruits help add healthy fats to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Smoothies, eggs, salads, burgers. They are perfect for anything and everything. Period. End of story.
  2. Nut butter. First off, nut butter is heaven in a jar so I feel I don’t have to justify it on this list any further, but I will. I add it to smoothies, grain free granola, and I even it off a spoon for a snack.
  3. Eggs. A quick, easy, versatile source of protein and fat. Enough said.
  4. Paleo mayo. Now, you can buy this stuff (just search for Paleo mayo on Amazon) but I like to make mine because I go through it so quick!  Here is the recipe I now use. I seriously use this stuff on EVERYTHING! Salads, burgers, chicken, as a dip for raw veggies, and on top of cooked veggies like broccoli and brussel sprouts.
  5. Salad greens. Speaking of salads. . .eating low carb has meant eating a lot of greens because they replace bread/noodles/rice for me. Its ok though, I am rolling with it and keeping my green interesting. I add all types of things to my greens including riced broccoli, brussel sprouts, egg, ground beef, seeds, nuts, and anything else I might find appealing that day. Bottom line, embrace the salad greens, they are your friend!
  6. Ghee. I shied away from ghee for a long time because it is clarified butter and I’m lactose intolerant. What I learned recently though is that ghee does not contain lactose! Whaaaa??? Yes! I cook my eggs in it, broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, and add it chicken for a little bit more flavor.
  7. Coconut oil. Coconut oil is what I start my mornings with. I add it to my coffee (along with a scoop of collagen powder and another scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder) and make my very own little high fat/low carb mocha. I also add coconut oil to my smoothies and occasionally use it in place of ghee for cooking.
  8. Berries. I don’t eat a lot of fruit because most fruit is high in carbs BUT berries are the exception. I try to get in a 1/2 cup – 1 cup in daily. Why berries? They are relatively low in sugar and also have a a good amount of fiber too. I add them to smoothies, grain free granola, or just eat them plain.
  9. Nuts and seeds. I have already mentioned in this list, as I add them to salads and I make my grain free granola out of them. My favorites are almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds (I add these to my smoothies).
  10. 85% dark chocolate. Sometimes you just need chocolate. 85% dark has very low sugar and is also a good source of fiber. For those who do not like dark chocolate, start with a lower percentage like a 70% dark and if you can, work up from there. It is definitely an acquired taste like coffee or red wine.

There’s my list. I hope it is helpful for any of you who might be interested in trying a high fat/low carb diet. Remember, I am not promoting high fat/low carb to anyone, that is something you will have to decide on your own. For me, it works, and I’m sharing because its my blog dang it! Enjoy!

Also, if you are just starting on your fitness journey or are new to low carb/high fat, join me in my Facebook group! I am always there to answer questions and offer support.



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