My advice to those just starting out.

I just had my two year “fit-a-versary”, a term that means NOTHING to those outside the fitness world, but, for those of us in it, it means EVERYTHING.

A “fit-a-versary” is that day where you decide that this is it, you are going to take charge of your health and start working toward a healthier, fitter, and more aware version of yourself.

So, as I reflect on mine, I am beginning to look back on what I was doing, eating, and saying to myself two years ago. Why? Because, I believe, that no matter how far you come and no matter how far you accomplish, you can’t forget where you came from. Because, it is where you came from that holds so many answers.

With that said, as I look back, I want to give you (the fitness newbie) a couple bits of advice.

1) Keep it simple. There is so much information out there in the world of health and fitness, some legit and some totally bogus. Whether it’s a fad like HIIT training, a workout promising to “tone and sculpt” your problem areas, or a new supplement claiming to be the secret to weight loss, the fitness industry is constantly coming up with new things to keep you interested and engaged…so you’ll buy more stuff!

Now, I’m not saying that HIIT is bogus or that Trainer “X” doesn’t have a legitimate program to sell you. What I am saying is that you should keep it simple. Find something you like, that fits within your lifestyle, and stick with it. Don’t try to incorporate a ton of different programs, diet ideas, and supplements right away, this will just lead to overwhelm which will probably lead to you quitting all together.

2) Rally those around you. I don’t care how independent of a person you are (I pride myself on being Ms. Independent) you need to have a community who supports you and understands what you are trying to do in regards to exercise and nutrition. Whether your community is through your gym, work place, church, friends, or your immediate family, these people have to give you support.

The way to guarantee that you actually get there support? Be transparent about what you are doing and why. Don’t hold back, don’t keep any secrets, the more open you are about your journey, the more free flowing the support will be.

If you come across some non-supportive people on your journey, try not to take it too personally. Most non-supportiveness is because the people close to you are afraid that you changing will mean that you won’t like them or judge them for NOT changing.

If you can, have a conversation with those closest to you instead of just shutting them out. The unsupportive nature of these people might just be a misunderstanding that can be easily straightened out.

3) Love yourself. First off, I’m not apologizing for how cliche this sounds. If you can’t love yourself the way your body is right at this moment, there is no physical transformation that is going to change that.

You can’t workout because you hate your body, you need to workout because you love your body. Exercise and eating well can never be done in haste because this will only lead to giving up and probably hating yourself more than you did when you started.

Exercising and eating well from a place of love and acceptance does not necessarily mean that you want to remain the same, it could just mean that you are accepting of your starting point and are eager to see where your journey takes you.


Making the decision to get fit can be a tough one and scary for some, I hope these three actionable tips can help you in taking that initial leap towards a healthier you.

If you are just starting out and are looking for an online community to hang out with, come join me on Facebook in my private group. I share articles, recipes, ask important questions, and most importantly offer support.




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