Well…it’s here. Summer, that is.

Its Memorial day, the official unofficial kick off to summer. In the weeks leading up to this date there has been much dialogue and advertising asking if we “summer ready”.

What does that even mean? In my experience, if you love the season, you are ready for it, and if you hate the season you aren’t ready.

The question, I know, goes deeper than that. I KNOW what they really mean when “they” ask the question. They want to know if we are ready to wear next to nothing and feel comfortable doing so.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone but here is my personal experience with summer and being “ready”.

For YEARS, I was so ready. I never had body issues, I was skinny and had self confidence spilling out of my ears.

Then, at 30, I got pregnant and had a pretty big belly through the summer months. Well, that summer, though my weight gain was totally normal and I was proud of my bump, I did not feel comfortable in a bathing suit. But, I still wore one because dammit, I wanted to get in the pool.

The first summer after my daughter was born (2013) I didn’t even think of wearing a suit. I didn’t like the way my body looked, I was not feeling confident, there was absolutely no way. It sucked too, because I LOVE summer and swimming, I just couldn’t do it. My body had changed and though I had lost all of my pregnancy weight, I was feeling different, not that confident 19 year old I once was.

It was not until LAST summer (2016) that I actually got up the nerve to put on a bikini again, even though it was one that covers your stomach, I felt naked in it and not totally comfortable, but not horrible either.

Now summer is here again, I’m feeling better about my body but not about wearing a bathing suit. So am I ready for summer? Yes, but I have learned that being “ready” does not have the same meaning that it used to.

This year I’m excited about the experiences that I am going to have with my kids, not about the bathing suit I am going to be rocking pool side.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, “ready” is what you make it.

Ready should NOT be based on what the diet/fitness/fashion industry dictates to us.

Ready should NOT give us anxiety or make us feel ashamed of how we look now.

Ready is what you want it to be.

Ready can evolve over time and mean something different to you tomorrow than it does today.



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