My Wish

My wish for the fitness industry?
To stop making numbers so important. 

Pounds lifted, pounds lost, calories, macros, inches lost, etc. 

None of it matters if we are not in the right place mentally.
The strength gained or the fat % lost mean NOTHING if you aren’t happy. The number on the scale means NOTHING if your mindset tells you that you don’t deserve to be healthy. Your perfect macro breakdown means NOTHING if you don’t realize that you have to take charge in your own life instead of letting it fly past you.
So, fitness industry, can we stop making numbers so important? While I get why you do it, numbers are simple and universally understood, the emphasis placed on them does us a great disservice because we seem to put happiness and mental well being on the back burner while we strive for a number that is never going to fulfill us.
Let us kick numbers to the curb and focus on nutrients over calories, form over heavier lifts, community over competition,and, most importantly, make mindset and happiness #1. When we do this, the rest will fall into place.


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