Breaking the Fast.

Do you fast? I do most days. Usually its not a super crazy long fast but it is between 13-14 hours. I used to be a little more rigid about fasting, totally focusing on the clock and also stuffing in as much food as I could right before my fast started. Madness.

My new way of fasting is simple. I eat a high fat/low carb dinner. Full of good for me foods (whole foods, I completely stay away from the processed crap), and then I stop eating and start my fast. There is no set time, I just don’t allow myself any “night eating” which is something that has gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past.

In the morning, I have my tea, do my workout, and then when I’m hungry, I eat. I 100% listen to my body and don’t let arbitrary times of day dictate my eating schedule.

My advice to someone who wants to try fasting? Get your food in the right place first. You can’t eat crap and then expect to be able to fast for any period of time without getting hangry. Also, take it slow. Don’t attempt a 20 hour fast on your first try. Try bumping your first meal to an hour later, and then another hour, until you are able to comfortably fast for as long as your body feels good doing it.

If you are interested in fasting benefits or just want more information there are some good resources here and here.




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