A bar worth trying.

So many bars are just filled with sugar, or other nasty unknown ingredients. Because of this, I tend to stay away from most of them.

These Primal Kitchen Bars are something different though. First off, what isn’t in them. They don’t contain any gluten, soy, or dairy, and are Paleo approved which means no refined/processed sugars (only monk fruit and honey are used). It is SO hard to find a bar that does not have sugar in it let alone one that actually tastes good! This bar has both qualities.

Now, what’s IN these bars? The macadamia bar has pumpkin seeds, collagen, and macadamia nut as its first three ingredients. The coconut cashew bar has pumpkin seeds, cashews, and collagen as its first three ingredients.  I won’t list off everything in these bars but I will tell you that there is nothing weird or chemically in either. . .oh, and did I mention that the collagen is from GRASS FED cows? YES!

Where do you get them? I bought these at Sprouts but I know you can also buy boxes of them on Thrive Market. Wherever you find them, try one! You will not be disappointed!

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