A little about eggs and a yummy way to eat them.

“Cholesterol in real, natural, whole foods is not to be feared. Neither is high blood cholesterol. Eat egg yolks with abandon–they are a health food. Why? Because the cholesterol in real food, like egg yolks, is not just a powerful antioxidant. Its also packaged with other nutrients we need.”–Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks

Those nutrients include, B-12 (this vitamin is everything! it benefits mood, digestion, and energy levels), D (incredibly important because it helps with calcium absorption), selenium (an antioxidant that may help against cell damage), phosphorus (a mineral whose main function is in the formation of bones and teeth), and riboflavin (a.k.a. B-2, is also an antioxidant which helps to boost energy, and protects skin & eye health).

Basically eggs are nature’s multivitamin.

Before I go any further, I am NOT making any health claims or recommendations for your diet, the above words are from a book I read by Liz Wolfe, a nutritional therapy practitioner, NOT A DOCTOR.

Now, that that’s out of the way.

I eat eggs daily and am always looking for new things to eat with them or new ways to flavor them so when I started hearing people talk about this Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend from Trader Joe’s, I was excited. Except, it literally took me FOREVER to get buy some and try it.

Seriously worth the wait! This stuff is fabulous and I’m just wondering how egg lovers survived without this stuff?!

If you happen to be so luck as to live near a Trader Joe’s (or have an awesome friend or family member who does) get some of this now!

Talk soon!


If you are interested in the book I quoted above, it is a GREAT read for anyone wanting to learn more about a paleo way of eating and all of its great benefits.

Check out Eat the Yolks.


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