Thoughts on breakfast and small v. big meals.

I don’t think breakfast is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle but I usually include it in my day because I am usually hungry mid morning and am ready to eat. 

These meals always consist of a good source of protein (cage free eggs), healthy fats (grass fed ghee & avocado), and carbs/fiber through the addition of veggies.

My big breakfasts are usually post-workout (strength training and HIIT) and I always wait until I am actually hungry to eat them. I don’t think anyone needs to eat RIGHT after a workout unless they are hungry right then and there. If you get hungry an hour later, then eat an hour later. Don’t force yourself to eat just because you think you need to.

Anyway, I tend to have a very big breakfast because I don’t like snacking. Why? Because, for me, snacking leads to more snacking and more snacking. Eventually I end up just grazing from breakfast to lunch with no real rest between meals.

I understand why some people like to eat small meals (maybe small meals sit well in their stomachs better or maybe they are just always hungry?) but for me, big meals work better.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be eating all the time and stressed over what their next small meal is going to be, you might want to try larger, less frequent meals. Don’t feel the need to stick to 6 small meals a day because that is what you were told was right. There is no right way to eat, so find the way that works for you.


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