More fasting benefits.

“Excessively low growth hormone levels in adults leads to more body fat, less muscle mass, and decreased bone density (osteopenia).”–Jason Fung M.D.- The Complete Guide to Fasting

Wow, the things you learn when you start reading.

Many of the effect of aging may result of lowered growth hormone in adults.

So, what lowers it?

Eating effectively lowers growth hormone. If we are eating 3 times a day (plus snacks) we are going through the whole day with lowered growth hormone with no chance for a boost. In fact, overeating can actually suppress growth hormone levels by as much as 80 percent!

Scary! How can we raise growth hormone? Especially

The best way to raise growth hormone, naturally, is through fasting! A study focusing on a 5 day fasting period, showed that growth hormone more than doubled in that time!

Now, I know 5 days sounds intimidating, but even a 16-18 hour fast can help raise growth hormone because when our bodies are conditioned to eating 5-6 times a day, even a small fast can be incredibly beneficial.

If you are interested in fasting or want more information, I have a intermittent fasting support group on Facebook, join me!  Click to join. 


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