At Home Training 101 Part 3

Welcome to Day 3 of At Home Training 101
In today’s post I will share with you the TYPES of exercises you should be doing. 
As a trainer, I don’t discuss specific exercises because the programming I do focuses more on the movements. These movements, with resistance of weights applied, will help you toward building muscle, but, they will also help you in daily activities. 
After all, the movements we perform should make daily life easier, not harder.
The five types of exercises (or movements) are:

-Bend and Lift- these include squats and deadlifts

-Single Leg- these include lunges and step ups

-Pushing- these include push-ups, overhead presses, chest presses

-Pulling- these include pull-ups, lat pulls, rows

-Rotational- these deal with the rotation of the thoracic spine (the middle part of your spine)
So how should you program these exercises?
There are so many ways to program these exercises. There isn’t one best way but a lot of has to do with your goals and how much time you have.
If you can workout 5 days a week, you could focus on one movement each day OR you could pair them up like doing a push/pull day or a bend and lift/rotational day.
If you only workout 2-3 days a week, circuits work well. In a circuit you can chose one exercise from each movement category and do one after the other and then when finished, start the circuit again.
Tomorrow: The workout at home mindset.


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