At HomeTraining 101 Part 4

Today is Day 4 of At Home Training 101 and today we focus on mindset. 
Mindset is hands down the most important aspect of your fit journey because you can have all the fanciest equipment, the perfect program, and the best nutrition, but if you don’t think you can do it, then you probably won’t be able to do it.
This brings me to the discussion of a fix mindset vs. a growth mindset. 
In a fix mindset, you believe your intelligence, athletic abilities, health, and other attributes are fixed. People with fixed mindsets don’t really work on growing personally or developing their personality traits, they just feel that they are the way they are. They also believe that people are just born with a talent as opposed to having to put in hard work and effort and they get extremely frustrated at any hint of personal change. Personal change is heavily resisted by those with a fixed mindset.
This mindset is troublesome for someone who might want to start a fitness/weight loss journey. Though people with a fixed mindset might feel they need to be healthier, they might not feel that they can achieve better health because they were just born to not be athletic/strong/healthy etc.
In a growth mindset, you believe that hard work is what makes you better, you believe that you are constantly growing in any area you put your effort towards, and you give yourself patience and grace in realizing that personal growth and change take time and are not achieved overnight. 
This mindset is highly beneficial for someone trying to get fit/healthy/stronger/lose weight. Why? Because, YOU TRULY HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN CHANGE FOR THERE TO BE REAL CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE. If you don’t have a growth mindset, an internal dialogue with yourself where you tell yourself you can get better, then you will remain stuck.
If I have a fixed mindset, how do I change?
I think the most important thing to realize is that change should not be drastic, it should be slow, and it should be consistent. 
I think those who are already reluctant to change get more scared off by new things because they feel that they have to take an all or nothing approach. 
This is not the case. All or nothing is so. . . .all or nothing. I would never expect anyone to just jump into a new healthy lifestyle without testing the waters first. 
So, how do you test the waters? 
Pick one healthy habit and work on that first. When that habit has become as second nature as brushing your teeth each day, add another habit, and then another. The momentum will help you realize that small changes can lead to big results, and that change CAN happen for you, not just for “everyone else”.
For example, maybe 3 workouts a week is scary to you. 3 workouts might seem like Mt. Everest for someone who has never worked out at all and thinks that they can’t get fit. So, to this person, I would suggest starting with one workout a week until that one workout becomes a habit (or at least until it becomes not so scary).
Bottom line: Mindset truly is everything. If you are feeling stuck where you are (ie. you have a fixed mindset) realize that change is not as scary as it seems when it is done slowly. 


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