Why I do a low carb/high fat (ketogenic diet).

Why did I start eating low carb/high fat (keto)?

This is something I wanted to clarify because the ketogenic diet is SO trendy right now and I think a lot of people have jumped on the “kept” bandwagon while others are probably thinking “oh goodness, not another person trying keto”.
I kind of started the whole thing by accident over a year ago when I was trying to just eat enough to stay satiated so that I wouldn’t eat all of the snacks between meals. 
At this point I was pretty much paleo, I of course had the occasional cookie/pizza/burrito but for the most part I was gluten free. There was something about paleo that wasn’t enough though. I still constantly had a sweet tooth and still constantly wanted to snack. 
I did notice, however, that nuts really filled me up and it bothered me because they had so much fat. Yes, I was still in the mindset that too much fat was bad and this would make me fat! So I fought it as much as possible for as long as possible.
In early spring of this year, I lost the fight of trying to stay away from fats. I quickly realized that they were what made me happy and kept me full. 
If I was going to get anywhere with my emotional eating, then I had to start in a place where what I ate made me calm, not frantic or guilty so I let go of the “fat is bad” label for good and started going higher fat and lower carb.
Then, I found Leanne Vogel and all of her content on YouTube, Podcasts, and her books. She is a keto diet expert and her story really inspired me to try the diet MY way. 
I bought her Keto Diet book on Kindle and read it cover to cover in about a week. At the same time started incorporating the ketogenic diet into my own life and by May of 2017, I was truly in full swing with the diet. 
All this time, the diet seemed to becoming more and more popular and with that the misinformation was spreading. 
People were equating a ketogenic diet to Atkins and assuming that we all must eat a TON of bacon and cream cheese.
People also assumed that anyone on the ketogenic diet was doing it for fast weight loss. 
I’m here to tell you that I don’t eat bacon or cream cheese and I am NOT trying to lose any weight. 
I started the ketogenic diet for the sole purpose of cutting out excess sugar from my diet and to stop emotional eating for good. 
What the ketogenic diet and lifestyle brought me to was so much more. My energy increased, my sleep improved, and I no longer have cramps at the time of my period! None! None at all! 
When people bock at the fact that I eat very few carbs and a TON of fat, they think I’m a little weird (I’m sure) but my body is happier than it has been in a long time and only I can feel these positive effects.
It is beyond my scope of practice to recommend a ketogenic diet to anyone BUT if you are interested in learning more about it, I would highly recommend checking out Leanne Vogel’s YouTube channel and her books and podcast, and the podcast of Shawn Mynar (keto for women podcast). With the help of these two women, I have navigated through the BS and found my unique version of keto.  
If anyone of you have tried keto or have questions for me, let me know! I’m sharing my story because there is so much talk about keto lately and I feel by sharing my experience, I can help someone wade through the misinformation or BS surrounding the diet.
Again, I am not recommending anyone try the keto diet, this is beyond what I am certified to do, this is a sharing experience but I can answer any questions you might have.



  1. I love this! I too started the Keto diet way before it became so popular and I felt amazing and lost 20 pounds. Then while pregnant I let myself eat what ever which may have not been my best decision because I got horrible high blood pressure. Not that I’ve had my son I’ve decided to start the diet again to get a better over all health balance. I’m posting recipes via this blog if you’re interested in trying any! I’m very interested to check out the book you recommend! 🙂

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  2. Amazing post!! I have just started the Keto diet and have been struggling with eating so many fatty foods, as I wasn’t used to this before, like you I thought they were bad, but this diet suggests otherwise. What nuts do you snack on??

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  3. I can’t lie I just recently started Keto and while it is very popular as of late it just makes me feel so much better and satisfied because I was eating most of these foods anyway so it was a matter of getting healthy fats and cutting down on my carbs. I was just addicted to sugar and I probably still am I just try to stay away from the stuff. lol. great post!


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