“Healthy shakes” vs. Real food.

I was there 2 1/2 years ago.

I wanted to start getting healthier but I was a mom of a newborn and a 2 year old and I was tired, I was overwhelmed, and I was scared.

Scared because I really didn’t want to repeat what had happened after pregnancy number one.

After my first pregnancy I cried a lot, I hid in my room, I ate my feelings, and I felt miserable for a good 7 months postpartum. I don’t know if this was PPD or PPA because I was never diagnosed BUT my feelings were real and they took over my whole mind.

I knew that I didn’t want to repeat this and I felt that exercise and getting healthier would help. So I took action.

I tried doing it all on my own; counting calories, creating my own workouts, everything. But I felt lost and overwhelmed.

That’s when I found a certain company that offered workout DVDs and nutritional shakes. I thought I had hit the jack pot, how could it be easier than this.

I started working out daily and drinking these shakes and I was feeling better BUT I was still struggling with healthy eating, like, really struggling. I was still stress eating and eating a lot of the wrong things. The message that I was getting from my peers though (who were also drinking these shakes) was that it was “ok” as long as I was drinking this shake because it basically was the same as eating a salad.

I believed this for awhile but eventually I realized how ridiculous this sounds and what a disservice this was doing to men and women just starting out a journey to being healthier human beings.

What people need when they are just trying to become healthier for the first time is NOT a shake being marketed as vegetables! They need guidance as to how to actually eat real, whole foods!

Drinking a shake because you didn’t eat a salad does not equate good health and it does not lead to good food mindset or good food habits.

Drinking a sweet beverage in place of whole foods (whether or not the shake has a ton of vitamins and minerals added) is only going to send the signal to your body to crave MORE sweet and not actually crave the tastes of real foods.

Even if you are also eating whole foods and the shake is a supplement to a healthy diet, the mindset is still there that a shake can replace REAL food. 

Anyway, I spent a good year stuck in this place. Of course, I didn’t know I was stuck when I was in it, I though the shake was great, I drank it daily thinking it was healthy but not really understanding that I was doing a disservice to myself.

Because I thought it was healthy, I slacked a lot with my other meals, I snacked on things to help with my sweet tooth ( because I was just making my sweet tooth worse by feeding it every morning with this shake), and I justified all of it because I was consuming the healthiest chocolate shake on the planet. 

During this time I was not focusing on what foods actually satisfied my hunger, how to eat a truly filling meal, and what kinds of foods I should be eating to really get in all the vitamins/minerals I really needed in a day. 

The shake was a band aid for me and I’m really upset that it is marketed to people as part of a way to achieve optimal health. 

Creating healthy habits and mindset around food and exercise are where you need to start and any trainer or coach who pushes a supplement your way without teaching you basics is doing a complete disservice to you. 

If you are interested in at home training with real nutrition guidance, I offer programs via my website. Check them out, message me with your questions, and let us set up some time to talk about what YOU need to get healthier. 



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