You can grow.

This cake was staring me in the face this morning as I made my bulletproof coffee. How do I know I have grown? I didn’t want any of it. Yes, I had two pieces last night (yes, two) but this morning I was back to my routine and had no desire to experience a morning sugar high. I’m not here to say sugar is bad but for me, sugar was a gateway to more and more and more. I couldn’t stop and it made me feel HORRIBLE. Now? I’m so aware of how my body feels when I eat certain foods that the desire to eat foods that make me feel good outweighs the desire for something like chocolate cake two days in a row. It’s a strange place to be for sure and it took a long time to get here but I did it. What I’m trying to get at with sharing this is that if there is somewhere or some goal you want to achieve, give it time, put in the effort, it is possible, you WILL get there.


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