The topic of time.

I have been talking to a lot of women lately about health and fitness and their personal roadblocks around those two things. What do I hear again and again? “I don’t have the time.” I want to let ALL mamas and busy ladies out there, that I get it. Time is a valuable resource and if there are kiddos begging for attention, or a work project calling our name, or even laundry that is in desperate need to be done, our own needs and wants seem to take back burner status. But let me tell you, this back burner status that you give yourself can catch up and it can hurt. I remember not taking care of myself (I didn’t even know how) and the overwhelm of chores, taking care of a baby, and trying to at least get the basics done for myself (shower + coffee) was so overwhelming that it led to tears on multiple occasions. I don’t want any woman ever to feel this overwhelm and pain. Please, I know the difference between daily self care and no self care and it is like night and day. If you can start by giving yourself 10 minutes today to take a walk (with or without kids), or prepare a simple meal for yourself that does not include your kids leftovers, you are doing great. Remember, be patient with yourself, this is not easy stuff, and making it habit takes consistency and time. You have the time, it is there, you just have to realize that some of it is actually meant for YOU. Your importance in your life is more than you know, treat yourself accordingly.


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