Motherhood and Fitness

Motherhood is messy, unpredictable, and emotional. Because of this, I get why moms don’t want to think about health and wellness, sometimes just the thought of these things brings so much overwhelm.
What do I eat? What do I not eat? What kind of exercise do I need to do? How much should I do? When should I do it? How do I know if I am doing too much? Not enough? The questions are endless .
I’m here to tell you this, being healthy is simple, but it DOES take effort.
There are no magic pills, supplements, or diets that are going to make you “skinny”. There are simple and healthy changes you can make to your diet that can help you get to YOUR version of healthy (mind you, this is not always “skinny”). Also, there are simple and healthy ways to exercise that won’t have you killing yourself at the gym and will get you to YOUR version of fit.
The overwhelm is unnecessary, and one of my missions as a personal trainer is to teach women how to over come these overwhelming feelings to find their own version of healthy and fit NOT skinny. 

If you are overwhelmed by ALL things health and fitness and are just wondering how to start, let’s talk! I’m here to help.


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