Dear Hot Mess Mama

We went to a HUGE indoor playground today and I saw so many moms with their kids enjoying themselves.
Of course, I can’t help but be an observer, and my observations lead me to write this.

Dear Hot Mess Mom-
I want to tell you first off, that I mean that in the best way possible. A “hot mess” is really a term of endearment that we use to describe ourselves or those moms closest to us. It is never meant in a mean way and is really more of a way to connect with moms like “hey,

I’m over here waving my hot mess flag!”.
With all that said, I want to let you know, that I see you trying your hardest and I see you struggling. I see you loving your kids and also losing your patience with them , most importantly though, I see the joy. The joy you get from just BEING a mom and getting to watch your kids grow and learn and thrive.

But, wait. . .what about you. Aren’t you worthy of thriving too?

The answer is YES.

Because those babies of yours deserve a mama who is happy, growing (mentally and emotionally), thriving, and, most importantly, being the best version of themselves.
Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into your best you. But if I could just focus on two?

Exercise and nutrition.

The two, when combined, can be amazing confidence builders, happiness creators, and stress relievers.

Why then do so many women shy away from this dynamic duo?

Most of the reasons I hear are related to the overwhelm they have over how to start and make “healthy” a lifestyle.

Mama, it doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to make your head spin or bring you to tears.

Let me work with you to make it easier. Let me work with you to create a lifestyle based on small changes over time. Let me work with you to cut out overwhelm and headaches so that you can see that this is something attainable for you. Hot mess mama, I’m here for you, let’s do this.


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