Hi! & What I Do.

I’m Stephanie.
I’m a trainer who helps mamas get fit, gain energy, and get over the confusion that surrounds health and fitness.
I’m also a mom of two young girls. I spend my days potty training a stubborn 2 year old, helping a 5 year old with her writing skills, cooking *mostly* healthy meals, and doing laundry. . .LOTS of laundry.
What I’m trying to get at is that I understand that your time is limited and that when you do have a free moment, you want to make the most of it.
So, if you are going to commit to a workout program and bettering your nutrition, why would you waste time driving too and from a gym?
Working out at home can be just as, if not more effective, than working out at a gym. And with a trainer that you can talk to almost any time of day who will create a personalized program JUST FOR YOU, then it really seems like a no brainer.
I train via the internet because I want to help mamas who feel stuck.
I know so many women who feel stuck in the place they are because they can’t get to a gym or can’t make time for better nutrition.
No mama should feel stuck and that’s why I am here to be your guide through the sludge, to get you on track with a simple weight training program and nutrition plan that YOU can stick with.
I work together with you to figure out small habits that you can start applying now, we figure out where you stand with your fitness and start with a program that makes sense for you, that you can work on progressing in.
We will look at your nutrition and eating habits together and look at healthy foods that you can add. I will never recommend a trendy diet or strange supplements to you because whole food nutrition is where its at.
Most importantly, I will have patience and be kind, and I hope you will too. This is a journey NOT a magic pill.
If you are interested in working with me find me on Facebook (here) and let’s talk!


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