Not perfect but happy.

Target run with this girl!


I know I’m not the perfect mom by any means but sometimes I have to pat myself on the back for “small victories”.


See that jar of peanuts in her hand? See how excited she looks?


Yeah, she’s excited about honey roasted peanuts, the way some kids get excited about candy!


I’m pretty proud of this. She was seriously ok passing by all the cookies, candy, and holiday treats, because she had these peanuts in hand.


We need to stop beating ourselves up so much trying to be perfect and trying to prove to the world how perfect we are.


This is unhealthy and unrealistic.


We all know perfect does not exist l, yet we keep trying and we keep searching.


For now, I am happy because I have stopped looking for perfect in pretty much ever area of life, but most importantly, the area of motherhood.


Beaming because my kid picked peanuts over candy and I could care less who I do or do not impress with that information.


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