I wanted to share a little store about this picture.

My 5 year old got this Trolls coloring book for Christmas and decided to do some coloring in it yesterday afternoon.


On the back of the coloring book is one of pictures from the coloring book all colored in.


She wanted to match the colors in the “example” picture exactly to the blank picture in the coloring book.


So she asks for my help.


“Where is this pink?” she asks. I help her look for it but I literally start to stress out over not picking the right pink for the Troll’s hair!


Eventually, I settle on a shade of pink I think is best and hand it to her.


“Perfect!” she says, “This is exactly the color I was looking for.”


As the adult, I could see that the two pinks didn’t match up perfectly, but for my 5 year old, it was perfection.


What I’m trying to say here is, we need to stop trying to be perfect for our kids. All we need to do is try our best.


This effort is, in their eyes, perfection, and that is all that matters.


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