Sugar free January

I wasn’t sure how to go about this post.


I wanted to make sure it didn’t sound preachy or that I was trying to get people to “drink my kool-aid”, because that isn’t what this is about at all.


This is me just sharing a HUGE part of my journey with you.


When I started this whole thing, I was a HUGE sugar-holic. I know some people laugh at sugar addiction or think it isn’t real, but for me, it was (and still is) a VERY real thing.


I learned how to eat healthy but I didn’t unlearn how to eat all the cookies/brownies/ice cream/and “healthy” sweet treats. I bring up the “healthy” treats in particular because I was using the healthy label as an excuse to eat more of them.


It took me realizing that I was emotionally eating to figure out how to actually deal with overeating sugar.


When I learned to become a mindful eater, it wasn’t an easy thing, it was a process that took over two years.Those years were filled with trying different tactics that did/didn’t work.


The thing is, when you are dealing with emotional eating, you are dealing not only with the food you are addicted to, the emotions that you have attached to that food, but also your own distinct personality. .

What I discovered about myself is that I am a bored eater. If I’m bored I eat. I am also an eater of convenience, if the food is in the house, I eat it. Also, I am an all or nothing type person. I can’t just have a bite or something or one of something, I will eat until it is gone, no matter what.


Seriously a bad combination for someone who is addicted to sugar and because I am an all or nothing type person, I have been working hard to eliminate sugar from my life for good.


So here it goes, I plan on making January a #sugarfreeJanuary, this means no added sugars at all for the whole month with the exception of my daughter’s third birthday party.


I will revisit the whole commitment on January 31. But here’s to a good month filled with delicious non-sugary foods.


6 thoughts on “Sugar free January

  1. I did this last January and felt incredible for doing so!

    I went cold turkey and even eliminated fruit too as a massive reset (although this was more to combat stomach issues and now they’re fixed I would never cut fruit out again!). I found it tough at first but I what helped me was ensuring my meals were large enough to not want to snack, but when I did I would eat nuts and dark chocolate.

    I’m actually going to do a similar reset this jan too, but definitely keeping the fruit this time.

    Looking forward to hearing your progress! 🙂


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