Moderation and balance don’t exist for me.

You want to know what I think is the biggest load of crap that I think is being shoveled out to women?

That we can live in this beautiful world of “moderation” and “balance”.


Yep, I said it. I don’t believe in moderation and balance.




Let me explain.


I should preface this with saying that I think moderation and balance DO work for some people. I feel though, that the people it works really well for shout it from the roof tops that if it works for them it must work for you too because moderation and balance are “normal” and “healthy” and if you don’t practice them and embrace them then you haven’t quite arrived yet.


I won’t say that these moderation/balance folks are the only ones who want you to join their party, I mean, everyone swears by the way they eat & exercise, but I’m focusing my time, in this post, on the moderation/balance folks because it is this group that I feel most inadequate around.


Yeah, who would think that the people pushing moderation and balance would make someone feel like less of a person?


When you have spent most of you teens and early adult years addicted to all things sweet and realized that the only way to really do life is without the junk foods. . . hearing that moderation is so great makes me feel “less than” because I don’t partake. .

Trust me, I have tried, but I just end up hiding a bag of cookies in my purse and eating them in my car. . .by myself, in a parking lot. Yeah, I have been there.


So when I hear that moderation and balance works for you, great! But, it does not and will not work for me. My body and mind do not work that way.


This, however, does not mean, I am not a normal and healthy eater. I am an extremely normal and healthy eater, I’m normal and healthy for me.


Bottom line, we need to do what works for US and realize that the most “normal’ things to us might not work for others.


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