Don’t use a schedule, go with how your body feels.

The other day was my daughter’s third birthday, and like I stated in this post, I had some sugar. . .ok, a lot of sugar.

I knew the sugar would derail my keto-ish way of eating and feeling (if you didn’t know already, high fat eating makes me feel AH-Mazing) so I decided to, wake up the day after the birthday party have a cup of black coffee and TRY to fast.

The operative word in that last sentence is, of course, “try”. I was not going to force my body to NOT eat if it felt hungry. I think, that this is where a lot of people misuse fitness and nutrition “tools”.

Tools of fitness and nutrition can be anything used in your journey that can get you closer (or further) from your goals. Examples include strength training, cardio training, macro counting, fasting, etc.

So, yes, people misuse fasting when they decide that they MUST fast with no exception. This is a horrible way to approach the tool of fasting because you aren’t listening to what your body wants, you are writing it in your schedule and making it a non-negotiable.

Making fasting a non-negotiable is basically telling your body “EFF YOU”. Why? Because if your body is hungry and you let your mind overrule that feeling, then, in my opinion, you get into a disordered eating type of situation.

I don’t have personal experience with disordered eating but if you are letting your mind overrule your body to the point where you are not allowing yourself any food at all despite feeling hungry, this could be, and is in my opinion, disordered.

What do we do then when it comes to fasting?

Look, don’t be scared of fasting. It really is an awesome tool to use in the right situations (see this post) but your body is screaming “NO! I’m HUNGRY!” That really isn’t the right time for it.

My advice? If you think you are ready for a fast, start it in the evening after dinner. Make sure the dinner is substantial but not HUGE and that it contains enough protein and healthy fats (for satiety). Drink hot tea before bed to relax yourself for a good night’s sleep and then wake up naturally (if possible) and enjoy a morning beverage or two (black coffee or tea or water) for the next few hours, hydration is ket to a successful fast. When you start to feel the first twinges of hunger, start prepping your first meal. Don’t worry about what time it is or how long you have been fasting, just go with how your body is feeling because that is the magic number for you.



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