Lemonade from Lemons

The girls got it in their heads today that they wanted to make lemonade.

We have a million lemons on our tree so I thought it would be a fun after school activity.

That was until my 5 year old spilled a whole bag of sugar all over the kitchen floor. You never realize how sticky sugar is until it is literally EVERYWHERE!

Luckily I had extra sugar but the clean up in the middle of it all just frustrated me and made me realize that this might be an area for growth…in the sense that sometimes very small tasks, when not going right, make me upset!

The lemonade is chilling in the fridge now and the girls are eagerly waiting to drink it but I am looking at this experience as a learning experience.

Things don’t always go perfectly, and many times, shit hits the fan, but I can change my attitude and reaction towards them.


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