Sometimes you have to dig deeper.

Sometimes you win and sometimes your win is disguised and you just have to dig a little deeper.


We got all the way to the doctor’s office to find out that we actually did NOT have an appointment.🙄 Mom brain in full effect.


Anyway, I kicked myself for getting the girls rushed out of the house so early on a cold, no school morning. But then we got home and the girls had a snack and just started playing nicely in their room.


I think that if we hadn’t had that change of scenery early in the day, the girls would be fighting at this point. So my mistake is ALL of our win because now our late morning is going extremely well.


Remember that some wins are easy and we love for these because they give us that automatic rush of “yes! I got this!”


Sometimes though, the wins aren’t so clearly marked. We have to dig deeper to find them and maybe the digging can get frustrating because you are just like “why can’t this be easy?!”😩But then you find what you were looking for, your win! Maybe it took more effort but it these harder to find wins are just as (if not more) rewarding than the easy ones.


If you haven’t found that easy win, do not give up! Definitely dig deep because you got this!


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