The word “diet”.

The reason I HATE the word diet.


It implies restriction.


It implies a quick fix.


It implies something trendy or fad like.


It implies dislike of your current body.


It implies that someone can eat this certain way for a set time and then return to the crap they were eating before with no consequence.


It implies hunger without satisfaction.


I have never ever used the word diet to refer to the way I eat because it just has so many negative meanings and feelings for me. So when I hear the term “ketogenic diet” thrown around it actually kind of makes me cringe. .

I get that most people don’t mean anything bad by it but for me, attaching the word diet at the end means that there will be FEWER calories, weight LOST, and that there might even be a little suffering. .

In fact, the reason I started eating the way I do, is because it was actually MORE calories, weight maintenance, and NO suffering!


I am finally 100% happy with the way I eat. . .really. .

My hope is for you to get there too, if you aren’t there already. But let me tell you this, no amount of negative thought towards food or your body is going to get you there. You must change the mindset FIRST before making the real and permanent changes to everything else.


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