Sugar free update.

Back in January, I wrote this post about going sugar free for the month.

I just realized (bad blogger status right here!) that I never wrote an update.

Maybe I unintentionally held off on an update to kind of give myself more time to figure things out or maybe not. Anyway, here is my update.

January was a bit of a challenge, because of my daughter’s birthday, I kind of went overboard on the sweets that day and crashed hard on the following days. It sucked. But, I didn’t let it get to me, I was right back to sugar free the next day.

The cravings were there most, if not all, of the month. I wanted sweets so I tried to keep the cravings satisfied with some stevia in my coffee or the occasionally stevia sweetened hot cocoa. Thinking back, this was probably a horrible idea because these things just kept me wanting MORE of the sweet.

February came around and I started to taper down my use of stevia. I also noticed a couple things about myself, mainly, I do NOT do well with sugar alcohols when they are in pre packed form. Meaning, an ice cream or chocolate bar with sugar alcohols is amazingly yummy but my stomach is mad at me literally 30 minutes later.

Towards the end of February I noticed that my cravings for sweet were almost non-existent and though I did have the occasional piece of 90% dark chocolate, it was more of an enjoyable thing than just trying to fill a craving.

Now it is mid March (already?!) and I’m sitting here almost totally sugar free for the last 13 days. I have had dark chocolate on a couple occasions but like I said before, it is for pure enjoyment and NOT to fill a craving. I find myself craving savory foods like cheese and nuts and I now drink my coffee with no added stevia!

That’s my update but I really want to touch on something that I talked about in my previous post too.

I WAS A SUGAR ADDICT. I mean it 100% when I use those words, I do not say it lightly when I say it either. I was an addict and it literally took me 3 years of hard work to get to this point.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to think that I just on a whim thought I should give up sugar. I worked up to this point and I worked and sweat for it every inch of the way.

Sugar addiction is a real thing and anyone who tells me otherwise hasn’t been there.

What would I suggest to someone who wants to cut back drastically on their sugar?

Start small. Don’t try to remove all your goodies all in the same week. This will lead you to feeling deprived and deprivation usually makes you turn to the other end of the spectrum which is consuming all of the things!

Find different ways to reward yourself. So many of us reward ourselves with a sweet treat! This is self destructive if you are trying to give up sugar! Find other ways to reward yourself for a job well done (and this could be in any area: work, school, exercise, etc). Some of my favorites? A new book, a new lip gloss, a bubble bath, or an at home facial.

Be patient. Be kind. It is not easy to give up something you are addicted to. It is real, it is hard, and it is NOT glamorous. You are probably going to have set backs and push backs from those around you. Remember to stay true to you, remember why you are doing this, and most importantly remember that having a cookie is NOT the end of the world. You will recover and life will go on regardless, so be patient with your self and be kind to yourself when you do have a bad day.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions for me feel free to email me at or just leave a comment below.


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