Comparison is…

I think we have all heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy” and it is one of the truest statements I have ever heard. Especially in the age of social media when all there is other peoples’ lives in our faces 24/7, its a wonder any of us are able to try and even be remotely joyful.

You know what though? Can we put joy to the side for a minute and just be a little more practical for a moment?

Comparison is also the thief of our TIME!

Have you been stuck on social media just scrolling through snap shots of how others are spending their time? Whether sipping coffee, laying in their perfectly disheveled bed, or sharing their latest wardrobe purchase, social media experts know how to lure us in and make us want what they have.

There is a reason they are experts and there is a reason we can’t look away, but, because of this, we are drained of our most valuable resource, time.

Those social media gurus want us to spend our time with them because they want us to want what they have, buy their products and just overall covet their lifestyle.

Can I just say one thing to you right now regarding ALL of this?


Stop giving them your time! Every time you scroll by, look at their small little glimpse of reality, and hope/wish/pray that one day you will have a life half as glamorous, just stop! You deserve more. By more, I mean, you deserve your time so that you can give it to those who truly deserve it.

This comparison trap literally takes time from the people who most deserve it (your kids, spouse, family, business, household) and diverts it to complete non sense (someone’s outfit, their new living room furniture, vacation pictures, etc.).

So, what happens when we do stop comparing? We start living! We realize that what is right in front of us is so amazing and so important that it can’t be ignored. When are time is freed from comparing, we are able to give our time to these things that are most important to us, we are able to be present, and because of this, we are able to be happy.

So yes, comparison IS the thief of joy but this post was really about digging deeper.

The reason it takes our joy is because it takes our time and once we realize this, we can get back to the things that matter most.


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