Easy kale salad

I will admit, I used to HATE kale. Like, I thought it was disgusting and I wanted nothing to do with it. And, for the last three years, I have only eaten it once.

Recently though, I have started noticing more kale salads on social media and more and more people raving about kale and how it is their favorite green.

And then, one day while scrolling Instagram, my mind was blown. I saw a video of someone “massaging” their kale BEFORE putting it into their kale salad. Whaaaat?!?!

I was still skeptical though. How would this massaging technique make the kale taste any better?

I finally decided I had to give it a try so I picked up two bunches of organic curly leaf kale at the grocery store.

I definitely felt like this might actually work when I bought it, but seriously, I KNEW that if this technique didn’t make it taste good, I would have to swear off kale FOREVER.

I got the kale home and was still feeling skeptical. What if this massaging business is being hyped up by people who already just LOVE kale. . .I mean, those people are already weird, right? Would massaged kale actually convert someone into a kale lover?

I was about to find out.


2 bunches of kale

1/2 cup olive oil

Juice from one lemon

Salt and pepper


I first cut the leafy parts of the kale away from the ribs. I’m sure that you can also use small pieces with the rib attached, I just did it this way.

I then divided it into two batches because it was A LOT of kale.

I poured half the olive oil and juiced half the lemon into a large bowl and then poured the kale on top.

I gently began “massaging” my hands through the kale, coating all the leaves. After about a minute or two, the leaves begin to change texture. . .when this happened, I knew that this massaging thing was probably the real deal.

After about 3-4 minutes of massaging I put the prepared kale in a tupperware and did the next batch.

I stored all the prepared kale in a giant tupperware and the salad stayed fresh for 4 days!

After it was all prepared, I did also add some Romano cheese and mix it in. That seemed to give a little extra flavor and also held up nice for the length of time that the salad was in the fridge.

I ate this salad with everything! Eggs, burgers, chicken, and even adding some turkey bacon on top! Whenever I wanted some, I just pulled it out of the fridge and spooned some out of the tupperware.

And, because it is SO easy to make, when it runs out, making more is hardly an issue. It really is one of the easiest salads and one of the easiest ways to get in a few servings of greens every day.

Add ons:

Sometimes eating the plain kale salad can get old so I did mix it up a couple times.

Avocado, red bell pepper, and cucumber where the three veggies that I added in.

I’m not sure if I even need to say this, but yes, this salad has turned me into a kale lover!

So if you aren’t sure about kale…give this super simple kale salad a try!


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